Monthly Archives: June 2012

Stephen’s JK Upgrade

                     The JKs are coming out of the woodwork!  We’ve lifted and setup more JKs just this year than we have since their birth in 2007.  The most common setup is the 2-3″ kit with 34-35″ tires.  For the cost, you can’t find a better package to get the looks and off road performance from the JK.  Here is Stephen’s JK Shara Unlimited.  We hooked Stephen up with the AEV2″ Spacer kit and wrapped the factory 18″ Sahara wheels with 34/12.00 Nitto Trail Grapplers.    We really like using AEV parts on our builds.  AEV has spent countless engineering hours creating components that work and function better than the factory equipment.  You’ll not find just spacers with the AEV kit.  They provide sway bar correction, bumpstop correction, and shock correction.  And, by reusing the factory springs and shocks, the ride isn’t compromised.  To allow clearance for the 34″ Nitto, we used 1.5″ Alloy USA wheel spacers.  JK Before & After


Since the photos, Stephen has added ACE Eng. sliders as well as a hood mounted Hi-Lift jack and some lower windshield lights.

Memorial Day Ride

It’s been a great year so far and things have been real busy, sometimes too busy.  So, we took the day off and headed to the woods on Memorial Day after a nice barbeque dinner at Rickard Ridge in the Cove Lake State Park.  We got on the trail about 6:45p.m. and were out at the other end of the trail airing up by 9:00.  It was the perfect evening and dry conditons made the trail almost effortless.  You’ll catch a glimpse of the JK’s Achilles Heel in the video below: