Monthly Archives: February 2014

Climrox CJ7 update

The Climrox project just rolled out of the shop after another major upgrade. This latest installment included a custom full float Dana 60 and a high pinion Dana 44, both 5 on 5.5 to retain the same wheels. The WMS to WMS was changed from 61″ to 64″. The new axles were built with some nice upgrades.
Rear axle specs:
-Dana 60 low pinion
-Spyntec Full Float kit with drive flanges and GM disc brakes
-Grizzly locker
-Ruffstuff traction bar, diff cover, and axle mounting hardware
Front axle specs :
-Ford HP44
-Spyntec wheel end package with drive flanges and GM disc brakes
-Detroit locker
-Ruffstuff diff cover, axle mounting hardware, and offset tie rod kit
The 12″ travel shocks were positioned for better control and more clearance. The result is a better looking, stronger, and more capable rig. Subscribe for more updates on the Climrox project.

Grave Digger Donut

We lucked up and caught this action footage at the Monster Jam in Knoxville last month.