S-Pod electrical centers

The S-Pod is a great addition to any vehicle. The S-Pod allows you to add electrical accessories with ease and safety. Below is a S-Pod that was recently installed.

The S-Pod Source 6 Circuit power distribution system includes:
-12 position terminal block for accessory attachment
-6 Bosch style cube style relays (SPST 40amp) (plug-in style)
-6 ATO style automotive fuses 3 15 amp and 3 30 amp supplied
-6 Diodes to protect sensitive accessories such as LED lights from “field collapse”
-Inline 50amp manual resetting circuit breaker
-8 gauge power leads with crimped and soldered terminal for connection to the battery
-Integrated LVCO (Low-Voltage-Cut-Off) circuit that detects the battery voltage and will cut-off at 10.6VDC and cuts-back in at 12.4VDC so there is enough juice to start your vehicle in case you left an accessory on!!!
-Fuse for LVCO which can be removed to bypass the LVCO
-Mounting bracket for Jeep Wranglers


Prices start at $435 per kit ($575 pictured). Call today to custom build your S-Pod to your specs.

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